About Me

My name is Dylan Graft and I am a seventh year senior at Ball State University. I have experienced a little bit of everything during my years at school. I’ve majored in Graphic Arts Management and Environmental Design, as well as minored in Business Administration. You could say that my focus is primarily fixated on design. One semester, while trying to fill a rather substantial hole in my schedule, I came across the Digital Media Minor. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My first thought was that IĀ  always had an interest in social media and the interconnectedness of digital spaces, so these classes should be fun filler courses that will help boost my resume. Little did I know that the things I learned in the next year would impact the way I saw design for the rest of my life.

The Digital Media Minor is not a “How To” guide to Twitter. It is so much bigger than that. It really has nothing to do with social media, as I so naively believed in the beginning. It is more like a foundation on which emerging media is built. If it’s community building; where we create digital spaces for like-minded people to share ideas and come together or something more practical like designing an app interface for a iPad, you use these fundamental concepts in every single thing you create.

I plan to take the things that I have learned from these courses and apply them in whatever I do in life. I think that someday I will own my own business. These elements will be vitally important if I ever expect to build and maintain a dedicated and enthusiastic following.


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