Chapter 1 – Stone Lake

It was mid summer and my friends and I decided to head to Stone Lake for the 4th of July. It was terribly hot and humid the entire time. We stayed in a small cabin and tried to set up fans and open windows to help keep us cool. It ended up being better to just go lay in the water. While out in the lake I decided to ask my girlfriend if she would want to go on a canoe ride. Little did I know how a little canoe ride would turn into the adventure of a lifetime.

We ended up riding around for a few hours and eventually ran into some people who were also there for the 4th celebration. They were very nice and they told us about how they were going on a canoeing trip around the great lakes area. After talking for a while we decided that a trip like that would be a great way to explore the area. We also wanted to document the stories of others on trips like this. So we decided to pick our next destination and sort of “let the rivers be our guide”.

After spending some time deciding where to go we landed on a river that would take us about 3 miles and eventually let out into Lake Michigan.


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